Welcome, my name is Pam Andreasen and I look forward to working in  the clinic at Lanier High School this school year!

This site is intended to help you with necessary documents and procedures  should your child require interaction with the clinic.  Any students who need medications kept and administered at school MUST  fill out this form.  Medications will NOT be given without written permission.

Students with medical conditions such as Diabetes, Seizures, Allergies....requiring care at school will need a Health Management Plan completed.  These forms are located under the specific condition located on the Menu located to the left .

 Please call or email if you have any questions.

Phone numbers: 678-765-4053 Fax number: 678-765-4049

Email: Pam_Andreasen@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

Hours: 6:45am to 2:30pm.

The clinic is located on Longhorn Blvd. next to Student Services.